How to Turn Your Family into a High-Performance Team with Anjani Bhargava, Partner in Evolution

Allowed: Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth with Dr. Caneel Joyce

Aug 17 2021 • 42 mins

This week, executive coach and partner in Evolution, Anjani Bhargava, is back on the show to share her personal experience on how to turn your family into a high-performance team.

In this episode, you will learn how to make your family a team that trusts each other, that works well together, that can make decisions together, and that can really co-create the life and impact you want to have as individuals and as a whole. Teamwork is built into our DNA and since we are interdependent in our families, teamwork is the integration of the “we”, the “I” and the “it”. Anjani reveals it is possible to use this natural tendency to coordinate and develop healthy team dynamics in your own family.

With 20 years of experience helping organizations build the right culture for their stage of growth, Anjani explains some methods and insights in how she approaches her own family as a team. We cover some things she has done inside of her own family to create a really beautiful system that has, not only a positive impact on her own life but also a positive impact on the world.

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01:22 Meet Anjani Bhargava, Partner in Evolution

04:30 Anjani tells us the amazing story about how she and her husband met and ended up together

09:50 Will you run for shelter in the rainstorm or will you go out and dance in it?

13:10 Anjani discusses some frameworks she developed in creating a team dynamic within her family

18:00 Anjani and Caneel discuss the importance of their morning routines.

21:00 Anjani coaches Caneel on why Caneel is not following through on her morning routine, and whether or not that serves her

31:48 We are interdependent in our families. Teamwork is the integration of the we, the I and the it

33:30 Conscious listening routines for family well-being

35:40 Caneel shares her scrapbook journals and how they relate to her own family’s patterns and tendencies to constantly optimize

41:10 Get in contact with Anjani and Evolution