A Body Lying There

Ben Cozzo

The cool waters of the Catawba River, drifting through the quaint suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina became the backdrop of a horrific tragedy discovered by passing jet-skiers who were just out for a day on the water. A car had run down the banks of the river and lying next to it was the body of Ira Yarmolenko, a popular young college co-ed. The ligatures wrapped tightly around her neck signaled death by asphyxia, and led investigators to conclude she'd been murdered... The circumstances surrounding her death, as well as the ensuing investigation left a community gripped in fear while cops conducted an intense manhunt to solve a real 'whodunit'. They narrowed their sites on two fishermen close by, cousins, and eventually charged them with Ira's murder. Follow the twists and turns as Fedora, a Los Angeles-based media company, re-investigates the circumstances surrounding the death of Ira Yarmolenko. Have the police truly 'got their man', or is their still a murderer walking yet among us? read less
True CrimeTrue Crime

Season 3

episode 16 - the raven
Jun 11 2024
episode 16 - the raven
episode 16 :   crime scene   |   maps the Raven... is a mysterious creature, a ‘strange bird’ for sure. it was rumored to have once been covered in white feathers, but was cursed by the goddess Athena after delivering ‘ill tidings’. Enraged she turned the color of its feathers from a perfect white to charcoal-black. Since then, this perplexing fowl has been notorious for being ‘the bearer of bad news’… but if the gloomy gossip and hearsay whispered in ancient tales of yesteryear bears the truth, that is, this feathered creature delights in bringing ‘bad news’, the only remaining question is… for whom? after all, what’s bad news for some may be good for others… Fedora’s mysterious Ben Cozzo explores with sincere and subliminal politeness that very question. this episode features music from artists such as Lunareh and Ghost Beatz while listeners become entwined in a twisted, winding and unraveling mystery in real-time. Art meets ‘hard, cold facts’ where caution’s flung to the winds and where try as we would…not…out-run the past, and where ever we could…walk, or run, down this path. Dr. Godwin’s been requesting more of the crime scene photos, as he continues to formulate the profile…of a murderer. the more information he has, the better. as a Criminal Investigative Psychologist, he’s got his work cut out for him on this case…and is now studying the material requested. the profile is evolving. what does it look like now? what’s going through his mind?

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