Direct Mail Is Dead - Glen Swyers - RevOps 500 Podcast - Episode # 018

RevOps 500

Sep 1 2023 • 39 mins

Joining us today is Glen Swyers, Director of Marketing Integration at Imagine. Gather around as Glen engages with our host, Sajeel Qureshi about the modern marketing mix that emphasizes catering to communication preferences. Stay tuned to gain valuable insights from Glen about how substantial evidence highlights the environmental superiority of receiving physical mail over digital copies!

RevOps Myths:

  • The significance of direct mail varies according to your age demographic.


  • Glen has observed discussions surrounding digital marketing, direct mail marketing, and email marketing campaigns. What intrigues him about these emerging conversations is that they aren't just focusing on conventional marketing campaigns that incidentally utilize email, direct mail, and digital mediums. Glen perceives this approach as a potential recipe for long-term failure.
  • The modern marketing mix emphasizes catering to communication preferences, acknowledging the strong inclination towards tactile marketing among a significant portion of the population. This entails incorporating physical elements like direct mail or brochures into the marketing mix. The recommended approach involves initially selecting the communication channel, then tailoring the message to resonate with the audience and aligning it with their preferred communication mode.
  • When striving to enhance revenue generation, refining your client approach takes paramount significance. Delve into understanding your customer's communication preferences and linguistic style. Comprehend their preferred modes of interaction and be attuned to potential language nuances to steer clear of. Recognize that each conversation is contextual, necessitating thorough analysis and adaptation.
  • An intriguing aspect that has captured Glen's attention in the realm of direct mail is its enhanced transparency. He observed a few years back the introduction of barcodes at the base of mail items, imbuing them with a wealth of information regarding their delivery status. This innovation starkly contrasts with the prior scenario where mailed items would be left in uncertainty, with no indication of whether they successfully reached the intended recipients.
  • Glen holds the belief that substantial evidence highlights the environmental superiority of receiving physical mail over digital copies. Sustaining online servers demands a perpetual consumption of electricity, raising ecological concerns. This dual challenge, encompassing both financial considerations and societal pressures, presents a complex landscape for Glen.

Quote of the Show:

  • “There's nothing so unequal is treating unequals equally.” - Glen Swyers


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