Interview with Greg Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO, Rubicon Crypto


Oct 11 2021 • 1 hr 1 min

3:23 Greg gives background on Rubicon Crypto

10:39 Greg gives his experience of 9/11 having lived and worked in the NYC area and on Wall Street

18:40 Greg's entrepreneurial journey and the formation of Rubicon

24:28 The digital divide

28:22 Digital assets, cryptocurrency, blockchain discussion

33:56 How individuals are engaging with digital assets

37:56 Allocating to crypto and how to think about diversification

43:14 Crypto - an equal opportunity wealth creator

50:10 Financial advisors and crypto, where to begin

54:20 Building a digital assets business - what have been the challenges?

58:58 The new generation of technologists and the excitement of the digitization of money