Interview with Brian Adams, Founder & President, Excelsior Capital


Sep 20 2021 • 55 mins

Brian Adams 01:43 Brian shares his professional journey and background Brian Adams 02:57 Brian discusses his aha moment Brian Adams 06:36 Stopping full press to pursue Excelsior Capital Andres Sandate 06:57 Background of alternative investment population in the U.S. Brian Adams 08:45 Getting started Brian Adams 12:35 How I got meetings initially and built a network Brian Adams 13:09 Key skills to success in deal making and real estate Brian Adams 14:05 Asking the right questions Brian Adams 15:40 Raising capital efficiently Brian Adams 15:53 Identifying your logical investor base Brian Adams 20:02 What you need to know about institutional investors Brian Adams 22:27 Taxes, inflation, and educating investors Brian Adams 26:44 REIT discussion Brian Adams 28:29 Non-correlated investments Brian Adams 31:12 The different types of real estate exposure Brian Adams 34:50 Investment philosophy and process and Excelsior's target markets Brian Adams 40:46 When to redeem and what are the red flags with certain fund managers Brian Adams 41:16 Common traps and mistakes managers fall into Brian Adams 45:07 Building Excelsior Capital for the long term and for scale Brian Adams 46:17 Learning from mistakes Brian Adams 47:29 What kind of firm I want to build Brian Adams 48:52 Investor education Brian Adams 51:36 Recharging and daily routines Andres Sandate 53:38 Wrapping up Brian Adams 55:08 Final comments Andres Sandate 55:16 End