Marissa Kim, Head of Asset Management, Abra Capital Management


May 28 2024 • 48 mins

Marissa Kim is Head of Asset Management at Abra Capital Management (ACM), a SEC-registered investment advisor and subsidiary of Abra, a global platform for digital asset prime services and wealth management. In April 2024, Abra announced the launch of Abra Private (led by Marissa), which provides HNWIs, financial advisors, trusts, and family offices with a comprehensive suite of digital asset & wealth management solutions (all of which are powered by their expertise in DeFi – a key differentiator of the firm:

Trade & Invest

Clients can buy and sell 100+ digital assets with deep liquidity and low slippage through Abra including both crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto pairs

Earn Yield

Abra offers a variable yield on BTC, ETH, SOL and stablecoins through separately managed accounts (SMAs).


Clients can borrow against their digital asset collateral to unlock liquidity.

Customized Investment Strategies

For more sophisticated clients, Abra can create customized delta-neutral portfolio strategies combining DeFi trading, lending and market-making.

Abra’s RIA operates a separately managed account model, this is crucial for transparency and security, as clients are not liabilities on Abra’s balance sheet, and they retain title to their assets (i.e. they are never commingled – which has been a historic issue in crypto).

Before Abra, Marissa founded Quantum Global Management, an investment firm focused on thematic investment in the building blocks of Web 3 and lending and DeFi strategies in digital assets and cofounded Ark Advisors, an advisory and investment firm focused on the digital asset space.

Many HNWIs and accredited investors investing in crypto either hold bitcoin/ether or the spot ETFs, however, Abra Private is trying to educate sophisticated investors on how DeFi is powering a holistic set of asset and wealth management solutions that are better suited to the needs of sophisticated investors.

Firm Summary

Abra is a global platform for digital asset prime services and wealth management, leveraging trusted DeFi expertise to connect the on-chain and off-chain ecosystems for private clients and institutions. By integrating trading, borrowing, lending, yield services, and asset management into one offering, all underpinned by institutional risk management, Abra provides clients with actionable insights and a competitive edge. Abra’s client base includes a diverse range of private clients, family offices, hedge funds, venture capital, and crypto infrastructure firms.