Interview with Carlos Torres de la Cuba, Managing Partner of AMG Block


May 7 2021 • 38 mins

In this episode: Carlos Torres de la Cuba, Managing Partner of AMG Block, a seed stage venture capital firm headquartered in Mexico City focused on investing in the FinTech and blockchain sector in Mexico and Spanish-speaking Latin America, talks to Andres about his journey to starting his venture capital firm, the market and investment dynamics in the LatAm region, how technology can improve financial inclusion for the underbanked and underserved, and what characteristics he looks for in founders. Have questions/comments/show ideas? Text us at (404) 550-8081. Show notes Personal background 3:21 Educational background 4:27 Transitioning from working with family to a career in banking 6:05 Lessons learned from working in banking 7:39 Diving into the startup and venture landscape 8:55 Working at a FinTech startup 9:50 Hard lessons learned in getting funded, but the beginning of a new opportunity 10:43 Starting a venture capital firm 11:10 Fintech laws and regulation in Mexico 11:36 Living abroad 12:47 Building relationships globally through the MBA program 13:27 The educational gap in FinTech and the VC asset class 15:02 Comparisons between SE Asia and Latin America 16:09 The VC landscape in Peru, Argentina, and Brazil 17:05 The VC landscape in Mexico; Case study in a unicorn born in Mexico/Kavak 17:34 Market dynamics across Mexico and Latin America 18:47 Differences in valuations 19:25 Message to entrepreneurs in Mexico seeking venture backing 20:14 Taking a more human approach to venture investing 20:47 A human approach to investing – going beyond the term sheet 21:11 Advice for founders 22:13 What we look for in founders 23:18 Looking beyond the team and screening investment opportunities 23:45 Business verticals AMG Block is excited about today 25:13 Disrupting the current system and fixing broken processes in banking   27:46 Market expansion across LatAm and to the United States for local startups 29:18 Venture capital solving convenience issues (USA) versus fundamental problems (LatAm)   30:23 Mexico is more than Los Cabos and Cancun 31:54 Rapid Fire Q&A – books, shows, tech tools, work-family dynamics 32:41 Lessons learned from the past year? 34:57 More information on Carlos Torres and AMG Block 37:08 Preview of Episode #2 – Antonio Luck and Adriana Suarez of MatterScale Ventures 37:39 Thank you and engaging with us on social media 38:00