Part II Interview with Jeff Parks, CEO, Director & Co-Founder and Jimmy Vaiopoulos, CFO and Co-Founder of Stack Capital


Nov 5 2021 • 41 mins

Part II of a two-part interview with the Co-Founders of Stack Capital(TSX: STCK and STCK.WT)

Part II of our interview with the Stack Capital Group team Jeff Parks and Jimmy Vaiopoulos discusses building a public company board of directors and advisory board, getting pension funds involved in the IPO, why companies are staying private longer, sourcing and underwriting private investment opportunities, due diligence on growth stage and pre-IPO companies, redeploying capital after the IPO, generalist versus sector specialization, cryptocurrencies and blockchain views, the content creator economy and other emerging spaces, life as a public company, overcoming the skeptics, looking ahead and outlook for the future.

Part I of our interview on ATLalts

Part I focuses on the formation of the company, the decision to form an investment holding company versus a traditional private investment fund to invest in growth-stage, late stage and pre-IPO companies, and the steps to taking Stack Capital public on the Toronto Stock Exchange

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