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ATLalts is a podcast for those interested in learning about alternative investments and alternative asset classes through interviews with investors, asset owners, and industry practitioners. ATLalts explores venture capital, private equity, real estate, credit, private debt, distressed, hedge funds, commodities, FX, currencies, infrastructure, structured products, digital assets, multi-alternatives, secondaries, collectibles, farmland, timberland, and more specialized alternative assets such as life settlements, aircraft leasing, royalties, litigation funding, and marine finance.

Interview with Jason Joseph, Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer of Trilogy Investment CompanyInterview with Sean O'Brien, Managing Partner, Overline VCInterview with Mike Dowdle, Founding Partner of Circadian VenturesInterview with George Kushner, CEO of H2cryptOClimate Risk Discussion with Climate Core Capital Founders Rajeev Ranade and Owen WoolcockPart II Interview with Jeff Parks, CEO, Director & Co-Founder and Jimmy Vaiopoulos, CFO and Co-Founder of Stack Capital
Part II of a two-part interview with the Co-Founders of https://www.atlalts.com/episode/www.stackcapitalgroup.com (Stack Capital) (TSX: STCK and STCK.WT) Part II of our interview with the Stack Capital Group team Jeff Parks and Jimmy Vaiopoulos discusses building a public company board of directors and advisory board, getting pension funds involved in the IPO, why companies are staying private longer, sourcing and underwriting private investment opportunities, due diligence on growth stage and pre-IPO companies, redeploying capital after the IPO, generalist versus sector specialization, cryptocurrencies and blockchain views, the content creator economy and other emerging spaces, life as a public company, overcoming the skeptics, looking ahead and outlook for the future. https://www.atlalts.com/episode/stack (Part I) of our interview on ATLalts Part I focuses on the formation of the company, the decision to form an investment holding company versus a traditional private investment fund to invest in growth-stage, late stage and pre-IPO companies, and the steps to taking Stack Capital public on the Toronto Stock Exchange For more information on Stack Capital Group please see the resources below: https://assets.website-files.com/5f5fa83e2e2b777d21ef5f98/6179c43780d8b82120d16caf_Stack%20Capital%20-%20Corporate%20Overview%20(Oct%202021).pdf (Corporate Overview) https://www.atlalts.com/episode/www.stackcapitalgroup.com (Stack Capital Website)  https://www.stackcapitalgroup.com/news (Stack Capital News)  https://www.stackcapitalgroup.com/investment (Portfolio)  https://www.linkedin.com/company/stack-capital-group/ (LinkedIn)  https://twitter.com/stackcapital (Twitter)  https://www.instagram.com/stackcapitalgroup/ (Instagram)  https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/stack-capital-invests-5-million-usd-indirectly-into-spacex-841186681.html (Press Release) - SpaceX Investment https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/stack-capital-invests-6-million-usd-into-bolt-financial-857579626.html (Press Release )- Bolt Financial Investment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgCilwO0bOc (Ringing the Bell on the TSX)
Nov 5 2021
41 mins
Interview with Jeff Parks, CEO, Director & Co-Founder and Jimmy Vaiopoulos, CFO and Co-Founder of Stack Capital
Part I of a two-part interview with the Co-Founders of Stack Capital (TSX: STCK and STCK.WT) Part I focuses on the formation of the company, the decision to form an investment holding company versus a traditional private investment fund to invest in growth-stage, late stage and pre-IPO companies, and the steps to taking Stack Capital public on the Toronto Stock Exchange Part II will focus on investment themes and opportunities, sourcing deals, and life as a public company A big thank you to Brian Viveiros, VP, Corporate Development & Investor Relations at Stack Capital for coordinating the interviews. brian@stackcapitalgroup.com For more information on Stack Capital Group please see the resources below: Stack Capital Website - www.stackcapitalgroup.com https://www.stackcapitalgroup.com/news (Stack Capital News) - https://www.stackcapitalgroup.com/news https://www.stackcapitalgroup.com/investment (Portfolio) - https://www.stackcapitalgroup.com/investment https://www.linkedin.com/company/stack-capital-group/ (LinkedIn) https://www.linkedin.com/company/stack-capital-group/ https://twitter.com/stackcapital (Twitter) https://twitter.com/stackcapital https://www.instagram.com/stackcapitalgroup/ (Instagram) https://www.instagram.com/stackcapitalgroup/ https://assets.website-files.com/5f5fa83e2e2b777d21ef5f98/6179c43780d8b82120d16caf_Stack%20Capital%20-%20Corporate%20Overview%20(Oct%202021).pdf (Corporate Overview) https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/stack-capital-invests-5-million-usd-indirectly-into-spacex-841186681.html (Press Release) - Stack Capital Invests $5 Million USD Indirectly Into SpaceX https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/stack-capital-invests-6-million-usd-into-bolt-financial-857579626.html (Press Release )- Stack Capital Invests $6 Million USD into Bolt Financial
Oct 29 2021
43 mins
Interview with Jason Kraus, Founder and CEO and Chris Dube, Chief Strategy Officer of Prepare4VCInterview with Anthony Scandariato, Managing Partner, Red Knight PropertiesInterview with Michael Gracie, Principal, AVL Growth PartnersInterview with Mark Phillips, Managing Partner of 11 Tribes VenturesInterview with Greg Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO, Rubicon CryptoInterview with Brian Adams, Founder & President, Excelsior Capital
Sep 20 2021
55 mins
Interview with Chris Grey, COO & Co-Founder of CapLinkedInterview with Jen Hicks, Client Development Director of Capital Fund Law Group
00:00 Andres introduces Jen Hicks, Client Development Director at Capital Fund Law Group, a boutique law firm focused on alternative investment management fund formation across hedge, private equity, real estate, private placements, digital assets, and more. 02:30 Jen discusses her transition from a career in law enforcement to a career in alternative investments 5:50 Jen talks about women in the investment industry, gives advice on how female fund managers can be their own best advocates, discusses the evolution of the alternative investment industry, and shares a insightful story of a female fund manager who pitched her strategy 12:56 Andres shares his own personal journey in the alternative investment business and his perspective on being an "outsider" and having to find his path forward 16:13 Jen shared her advice on marketing and getting out in front of prospective investors to fundraise 19:43 Andres shared insights on how diverse and female-led investment firms have outperformed 22:08-25:52 Jen discusses how the different alternative investment managers can learn from one another's strengths and tendencies 29:49 Jen discusses fund domicile decisions 33:27 Jen discusses strategies to raise capital, build a brand, leverage PR and the press, access emerging manager programs and public pension assets 39:20 Jen discusses alternatives to traditional funds such as pre launch services and incubator strategies allowing managers to market and get started 46:06 Jen discusses importance of learning from mistakes 48:18 Jen discusses what she does to recharge and some new hobbies she started during COVID 50:30 Jen wraps up and shares why she is optimistic about the future of the alternative investment industry
Aug 18 2021
52 mins
Interview with Erik Bullen, Startup Advisor, Early Stage Investor, COO, Board Member
00:00 Intro - Erik Bullen discusses importance of execution and self awareness for Founders/CEOs 4:47-9:52 Erik Bullen's background and journey to VC and the corporate innovation space 11:14 Erik Bullen talks about his portfolio approach and making the transition from the corporate arena to the startup/angel investment/VC space 16:20 Erik Bullen discusses why he is focused on pre-seed and seed stage companies 19:09 Erik Bullen discusses his investment approach and mindset of founders/CEOs he looks for when investing 24:40 Erik Bullen discuses building teams at early stage companies 27:09 Erik Bullen talks about why startups fail and founders having a learning mindset and asking for help 30:04 Erik Bullen talks about The Founders Toolkit and how it was created 33:23 Erik Bullen shares his motivation behind doubling down on diversity, equity, and inclusion and making a difference through his actions 35:49 Erik Bullen discusses the state of the VC industry including valuations 40:13 Erik Bullen discusses crowdfunding platforms like Republic, WeFunder and increase in individual investors appetite for early stage investing 43:44 Erik Bullen discusses importance of financial education for retail investors interested in early stage investing 45:47 Erik Bullen discusses his approach to managing so many activities, roles, and what a typical day looks like 49:42 Erik Bullen discusses his favorite things to do outside of work 50:21 Erik Bullen looks ahead 20-30 years and shares some thoughts on what the VC and technology industry looks like 52:57 Erik Bullen shares some of his favorite books 54:14 Conclusion
Aug 1 2021
55 mins
Interview with Neil Takemoto, Founder, Be The Change CooperativeInterview with Antonio Luck and Adriana Suarez, Managing Partners, MatterScale Ventures
In this episode: Antonio Luck and Adriana Suarez, Managing Partners at MatterScale Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage Latin startups with a global mindset, located in the US and LatAm, that apply technology to offer high quality, affordable, and accessible services for the majority. Key sectors include the future of jobs, education, healthcare, productivity, and financial services. Show notes Personal background – Antonio Luck 3:06 Personal background – Adriana Suarez 4:38 Getting started in venture capital and Endeavor – Antonio Luck 10:11 Explaining the Endeavor platform – Antonio Luck 11:52 The beginnings of MatterScale Ventures takes shape – Antonio Luck 12:52 Developing an investment strategy at MatterScale Ventures – Antonio Luck 14:23 How a career in government translated to venture capital and angel investing – Adriana Suarez 17:40 Building an angel investment portfolio – Adriana Suarez 22:00 What are the characteristics of founders that you are looking for? – Antonio Luck 24:35 How have entrepreneurs evolved in LatAm? – Adriana Suarez 30:35 What does MatterScale look for in companies that can scale and grow rapidly? – Antonio Luck 35:02 Sourcing investment opportunities? – Adriana Suarez 37:09 The team at MatterScale – role of venture partners? – Antonio Luck 41:55 What have been the biggest learning experiences in starting MatterScale? – Adriana Suarez 43:59 Thoughts on current market opportunities – Antonio Luck 46:33 Characterizing the current economic environment, investment outlook – Adriana Suarez 49:03 Things I do for fun, what I am reading? – Adriana Suarez 52:55 Things I do for fun, what I am reading? – Antonio Luck 53:51 Getting more information on MatterScale Ventures – Andres Sandate 56:08 References to books and websites in the episode http://www.matterscale.com/ (www.matterscale.com) Fernando Fabre, Managing Partner of MatterScale Ventures on Remote Leadership May 13, 2020 https://medium.com/@fernando_90271 (Medium Article on Remote Leadership) https://medium.com/@fernando_90271 (https://medium.com/@fernando_90271) Books recommended in the episode https://www.blitzscaling.com/ (https://www.blitzscaling.com/) https://www.amazon.com/Hard-Thing-About-Things-Building/dp/0062273205 (https://www.amazon.com/Hard-Thing-About-Things-Building/dp/0062273205) https://www.amazon.com/How-Raise-Adult-Overparenting-Prepare/dp/1250093635 (https://www.amazon.com/How-Raise-Adult-Overparenting-Prepare/dp/1250093635) Have questions/comments/show ideas? Email us at info@atlalts.com
May 19 2021
57 mins
Interview with Carlos Torres de la Cuba, Managing Partner of AMG Block
In this episode: Carlos Torres de la Cuba, Managing Partner of AMG Block, a seed stage venture capital firm headquartered in Mexico City focused on investing in the FinTech and blockchain sector in Mexico and Spanish-speaking Latin America, talks to Andres about his journey to starting his venture capital firm, the market and investment dynamics in the LatAm region, how technology can improve financial inclusion for the underbanked and underserved, and what characteristics he looks for in founders. Have questions/comments/show ideas? Text us at (404) 550-8081. Show notes Personal background 3:21 Educational background 4:27 Transitioning from working with family to a career in banking 6:05 Lessons learned from working in banking 7:39 Diving into the startup and venture landscape 8:55 Working at a FinTech startup 9:50 Hard lessons learned in getting funded, but the beginning of a new opportunity 10:43 Starting a venture capital firm 11:10 Fintech laws and regulation in Mexico 11:36 Living abroad 12:47 Building relationships globally through the MBA program 13:27 The educational gap in FinTech and the VC asset class 15:02 Comparisons between SE Asia and Latin America 16:09 The VC landscape in Peru, Argentina, and Brazil 17:05 The VC landscape in Mexico; Case study in a unicorn born in Mexico/Kavak 17:34 Market dynamics across Mexico and Latin America 18:47 Differences in valuations 19:25 Message to entrepreneurs in Mexico seeking venture backing 20:14 Taking a more human approach to venture investing 20:47 A human approach to investing – going beyond the term sheet 21:11 Advice for founders 22:13 What we look for in founders 23:18 Looking beyond the team and screening investment opportunities 23:45 Business verticals AMG Block is excited about today 25:13 Disrupting the current system and fixing broken processes in banking   27:46 Market expansion across LatAm and to the United States for local startups 29:18 Venture capital solving convenience issues (USA) versus fundamental problems (LatAm)   30:23 Mexico is more than Los Cabos and Cancun 31:54 Rapid Fire Q&A – books, shows, tech tools, work-family dynamics 32:41 Lessons learned from the past year? 34:57 More information on Carlos Torres and AMG Block 37:08 Preview of Episode #2 – Antonio Luck and Adriana Suarez of MatterScale Ventures 37:39 Thank you and engaging with us on social media 38:00
May 7 2021
38 mins