All About You!

Dorian Light

The Dorian Light show is “All About YOU” and how you can take back the power of your life. Learn to shift, change and heal your life so that you can manifest the dreams and desires that you hold within your heart. How do you shift, change and heal your life? Find the answers to this question and more as Dorian explores subconscious programs, belief systems, ancestral coding and past life memories that can have you stuck in patterns that are sabotaging your life. Dorian teaches you techniques that can be practiced daily, helping you to think positive and feel more centered and balanced. As a highlight of each week’s topic, Dorian does a “Light Session” using Psychic Energetics and the Language of Light to energetically shift and clear the negative patterns you have stored around that specific topic. Step into your life’s “Realm of Infinite Possibilities.

Calling Forth Blessings and Favor Into Your Life!Opening the Door to BlessingsAre Your Emotions and Fears Sabotaging Your Dreams?Breaking Through Your Emotional WallsA Message from the Other SideCreate Your Own Energy Medicine PharmacyHealing Your Heart For Love, ContinuedHealing Your Heart For LoveOpening Your Heart to Love : Part 2Opening Your Heart to LoveA Chit Chat with Lauren GaleyClearing and Activating Your Energy Fields with the Light Cards, Language of Light and Psychic EnergeticsThe Power of Customized Crystalline Energy Grids and the Language of LightClearing Negativity From Your Energy Field and Unplugging from Mass ConsciousnessCrystal Bowl and Language of Light Sound HealingUnlock the Box of Your LimitationsStep into the Realm of Infinite PossibilitiesBreaking Poverty Consciousness Over Your Life – Free Yourself from Past Life Vows & Contracts, Part 4Breaking Poverty Consciousness Over Your Life & Be Free to Create Your Future, Part 3Healing & Soul Merger with the Language of Light & Essential Oils