Neil Ruddock's 'Hell Razor' (ft. Kevin Day)

Football Book Club

Apr 25 2022 • 1 hr 16 mins

Joining the Book Club this week is comedian, Crystal Palace fan and co-host of the brilliant Price Of Football podcast, Kevin Day. Kevin chose Neil Ruddock's 1999 classic 'Hell Razor' for the club to read, a book which contains a jellied eel feast with Javier Vargas, Steve Sedgley sticking wine gums up his nostrils, and Alan Sugar secretly recording Neil's phonecalls. Plus Jamie Redknapp, Nietzsche, and we find out exactly what happens when you give Razor £500. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @footiebookclub INSTAGRAM: @footballbookclub JOIN THE FOOTBALL BOOK CLUB *CLUB*: www.patreon.com/footballbookclub