TT The Power of Being Thankful -10

THE GRIT SHOW - Growth on Purpose

Aug 25 2022 • 11 mins

Gratitude is one of my favorite tools. Yes, tools. It is amazing the wonderful things you can create in your life by being more grateful. It is something you need to learn how to use more of in your life and in today's episode (our final Thursday Thoughts for the time being), we explore this. So, earmark this episode. It is one you'll want to come back to as you think about gratitude and the amazing ways it can impact your life and work on building it into your life on a more regular basis.

Shawna Rodrigues is the founder of The Grit Show (, a podcast that creates a community around purpose, alignment, and growth. Where scrappy survivors come together as seekers and thrivers. A published author, coach, and consultant, Shawna spent the first two decades of her career supporting children, families, and communities as a therapist, specialist, and director of programs and collaborations in the private and public sectors. Her impact and depth of dedication prompted the alumni association at Boston University to acknowledge her accomplishments with an award for “Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Social Work.” She's an avid traveller who values deep conversations, has immense gratitude for the incredible people in her life, and gains inspiration from the new people she meets and the perspectives they offer.
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