Decision Making–Getting Past Overthinking and Overwhelm w/Kirsten Parker -11


Aug 30 2022 • 35 mins

Decision making. It’s something we do every single day, multiple times a day. I’m sure we’ve all seen that sometimes, it can be overwhelming, even debilitating; no matter how much we are keeping it together in other areas, sometimes we get tripped up. Fortunately, Kirsten Parker realized this was a common theme she saw with the people she was coaching and it became something she has specialized in. Our conversation touches on her journey to look at the hard questions and make the decisions that led her into her current role, as well as a story from her clients, and talking about how this applies to you.

If you are someone who can get overwhelmed and overthink, who has a hard time sticking to the decisions you’ve made, or just likes to laugh along with an intriguing conversation—this episode is for you. We’ll talk a bit about purpose too, because The Grit Show has found that purpose is a topic that resonates with our community.

Kirsten helps overthinkers trust their choices. She spent years moving her life & career forward, Yale Masters Degree in tow, feeling way more angst than certainty! Despite "success and smarts," she second-guessed big AND small decisions, over-valued others' opinions & usually catastrophized about what could go wrong. Coaching allowed her to finally feel calm, clear & confident – so she could feel present in her life – and that's exactly what she helps clients do now. Get your FREE Overthinker's Checklist to Simplify Decisions!
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