Breakthroughs & Breathwork w/Benedict Beaumont -21

THE GRIT SHOW - Growth on Purpose

Nov 8 2022 • 49 mins

Have you ever given much thought to breath? It’s something you do every second of every day, but not something we give much thought. In today’s conversation we get to learn about the transformative power of breath. How accessible it is and how useful a tool it can be. Today’s guest is Benedict Beaumont, a Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, and founder of the Breathing Space School of Breathwork. We get to hear some interesting stories from Ben’s path to get him where he is today including where things needed to shift and allow for a breakthrough.

We also made time for breathwork which Ben describes as “ extraordinary, extraordinary, transformational experience… I call it therapy for those people who don't wanna talk about their problems or meditation for those people who can't meditate.”
Breathing Space has regular facilitator trainings and the one led by Ben starts November 14th, so your opportunity to sign up, is now. There's more about this toward the end of the episode.

Before he discovered Breathwork, Ben was mostly a high school teacher in the South Coast of England, sometimes a chef and chalet manager in the French Alps, occasionally a writer and always an adventurer. He now lives in Canada with his wife and young daughter.

Episode Timeline:

01:39   Simple Breathwork Technique to start any interaction

04:06 Getting to know Ben and his early career in teaching

10:48   A Planned Breakdown and Breakthrough- Motorbike & India

15:10    Was his life’s work complete? Staring down death…

19:50   Wishes on top of Everest & what he found there

22:01   The path to breathwork

23:34  Explanation of Conscious Breathwork

24:12   Conscious Breathwork

30:46 Discussing what came up for Shawna during Conscious Breathwork

41:28   Self Care Spotlight - Secret Breathwork Technique - Coherence Breathing

46:56  Breathwork Explorers Club Membership

49:25 Christina’s Review of The Grit Show

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