Defining our Words and our Path w/Belle Lockerby -12

THE GRIT SHOW - Growth on Purpose

Sep 6 2022 • 45 mins

Words. We use them every single day. We use some of them to define ourselves, perhaps reflexively. How often do we question those definitions? Do we know where they’ve come from? Why we choose them, who gave them to us? How often do we let those definitions grow and change? How often do they still fit where we are and who we are today? Do we check in with those nearest and dearest to us to see how they define some of these words, to see if our definitions are the same?
All of this is a large part of our conversation with guest Belle Lockerby, author of The Words the Caterpillar Ate currently available for presale. Belle Lockerby is a speaker, best selling author and founder of rise365 where she designed and delivered change programs for women that rebuilt their confidence and generated multiple 7 figures.  Holding a Post Grad in Change Management and as Australia's first Certified Clifton Strengthsfinder coach she is, primarily, a transformation expert.   Belle helps women find their self worth in their words so they can have hard conversations with ease and speak confidently (including with that voice inside their own heads that holds them back).  Having coached over 1000 humans and worked with small and large organizations, Belle has seen the positive impact that comes from people unlocking their innate talents to rebuild self belief and communicate effectively.  She knows words we speak to ourselves and each other are the key for confidently building value - in business and life.  In addition to a focus on mothers and women in leadership, Belle’s corporate list of clients includes Rio Tinto, City of Mandurah, Department of Fire and Emergency and Johnson & Johnson Medical.
She has a lot of wisdom to offer, but this is also an episode filled with laughter, vulnerability, and stories from life. Have you ever tried to talk underwater as practice to become a mermaid, or been confused by offside rules in soccer? Then this is a conversation you can connect to. Thank you for being part of our community.

Her books: Awkward Is The New Brave
The Words the Caterpillar Ate

Behaving Bravely Confidence Academy:
TedX Talk: Is Your Dictionary Dead? h

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