#7: Building a Business Through Short-Term Rentals with Carly and Jered DaCosta, USMA ‘04

Real Estate Investing Accelerator

Apr 25 2022 • 35 mins

“When we were starting our real estate business, we knew we needed to build our network…we wanted to keep our investor group and the people that we work with very tight and work with people that we could trust.”

- Jered DaCosta (USMA ‘04)

“This course has been instrumental in building out business from the network perspective. Every single one of our deals since moving out to Jacksonville and completing the course has included White Feather members.”

- Carly DaCosta (USMA ‘04)

In June 2019, Carly and Jered DaCosta left the San Francisco tech bubble to start their own real estate business and moved their family across the country from California to Jacksonville, FL. As West Point Academy grads, Carly and Jered take swift action, learn quickly, and do not fear change. They’re the most powerhouse couple we’ve ever worked with and their equal partnership is key to their success. Today’s episode is all about short-term rentals. In just two years, Carly and Jered have taken down multi-million dollar deals, specializing in cost-effective renovations of beachfront short-term rental properties.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Carly & Jered attended the Accelerator
  • Why networking is essential to real estate success
  • What motivated Carly & Jered to focus on short-term rental properties
  • How Carly & Jered’s real estate business drove their decision to move to Florida
  • The stories behind Carly & Jered’s best deals, including White Feather’s first syndication

We also talk about why their journey is not unique, why others can achieve the success they’ve experienced, and the benefits they’ve gained from their new lifestyle as real estate entrepreneurs. We’re so proud of their achievements and can’t wait to witness the continued growth of their awesome business.

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