#14: Investing In Real Estate When You Have Zero Experience with Kimberly Johnson

Real Estate Investing Accelerator

Sep 12 2022 • 25 mins

“In our family, we call it pulling the thread, which means you just take a step. Don’t get so overwhelmed to the point that you question if you’re able to do something, but pull the thread a little bit to see what happens and then pull it again and pull it again and it leads to the next thing…I enjoyed the White Feather approach because you’re not doing the analysis and getting stuck, but taking a step and taking a step and I feel like I had the right team around me…just pull the thread! Just try it!”

- Kimberly Johnson

If you’ve already been through the Real Estate Accelerator then you know exactly who Kimberly Johnson is and how awesome her achievements are. Kimberly is a military spouse and also comes from a military family so she knows exactly how to overcome any challenge that gets thrown her way. She dominated the Accelerator course from day one with an unbeatable sense of optimism despite having absolutely zero experience in real estate. Kimberly not only created a thriving short-term rental business from the ground up, but she also did it while battling breast cancer. Her first short term-rental in Kissimmee, Florida is already on track to cash flow over $50K and deliver a 23% ROI in its first year!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How the memories Kimberly created at her family’s beach house as a child motivated her to create the same positive experience for others
  • Why Kimberly decided to invest in Florida rather than California where she lives
  • The biggest lessons Kimberly learned from her first short-term rental property
  • How Kimberly’s short-term rental is helping her save $50K in taxes this year
  • How the Accelerator network helped Kimberly understand exactly what her perfect next purchase looks like

Kimberly also shares how what she learned during the Accelerator helped her avoid a big mistake and what renovating a short-term rental property to a gold standard requires. We discuss why you can invest in real estate without ever viewing a property and simple strategies for how to optimize your first-ever investment. Kimberly’s story is one of unbelievable resilience and success and we hope this episode inspires you to take that first step toward turning your dream into a reality!

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