#12: Conquering Credit Card Debt and Investing in Real Estate with Michael Cygan (USMA ‘01)

Real Estate Investing Accelerator

Jul 6 2022 • 25 mins

“It feels tremendous. We’re now putting meaningful savings into the kids' college education funds and savings accounts…our daily life just feels better all around. We’re holding our heads higher and we’ve got more confidence. I appreciate all the guidance and mentorship through this and I’m really happy all of this worked out.”

- Michael Cygan (USMA '01)

Michael Cygan (USMA ‘01) joined the Real Estate Accelerator three years ago when he was in between jobs with two young children to support. At the start of the course, Mike and his wife Heidi had accumulated over $135k of credit card debt. With the help of Buddy and the White Feather team’s financial planning strategies, Mike reduced his monthly credit card debt payments from $3000 to $0 in under two years. His impressive discipline and dedication are inspiring and his story proves that with grit and determination, anyone can conquer credit card debt.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why paying down credit card debit is the best investment you can make right now
  • Why it’s important to pay down credit card debt before funding your retirement account
  • How the Accelerator helped Mike achieve financial freedom
  • A few of the strategies Mike used to conquer credit card debt

We also discuss why military veterans’ desire for action can lead to success in all areas of life and why the sacrifices made in order to achieve your financial freedom goals are worth it. We trust Mike’s story will inspire many and we can’t wait to see how Mike and his family continue to thrive.

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