#11: Why I Walked Away From a Great Paying Job to Start a Business with Shawn Ikpa, USNA ‘05

Real Estate Investing Accelerator

Jun 22 2022 • 29 mins

“I walked away from a great paying job. It didn’t make sense on paper…what I learned about mindset [during the Real Estate Accelerator course] was a big reason why I decided to walk away from the job. I walked away without a job in hand, but I did have a plan.”

- Shawn Ikpa (USNA ‘05)

Shawn Ikpa is the Co-Founder of Castletop Investments, a company that buys, scales and sells online businesses. Shawn also recently built an Amazon delivery service in Buffalo, New York from the ground up, scaling the company up to 95 employees in just three months. In this episode, Shawn shares how the Real Estate Accelerator not only helped him purchase his first single-family investment property but also inspired him to turn his dream of becoming a business owner into a reality.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Shawn walked away from a high-paying job to pursue entrepreneurship
  • How real estate investing propelled Shawn’s career
  • Why cultivating a growth mindset is key to success in work and life
  • Why the Real Estate Accelerator focuses on mindset as much as investment strategies

Shawn also shares his long-term goal to fund STEM education through e-commerce and why creating a workplace where everyone feels valued is important to him and the success of his business. We enjoyed hearing how Shawn’s Amazon company delivers 200K packages per month while adding two new delivery routes each week and loved learning about his recent multi-family real estate deal. We’re so impressed by Shawn’s accomplishments. His story proves that with a growth mindset, anything is possible.

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