The OneTransaction Podcast


OneUnited Bank began almost 50 years ago by combining Black-owned banks across the country and uniting them all under the same mission; to create an institution to garner our spending power and channel it back into the communities we serve. Today, Black buying power is over $1.2 trillion. Those dollars represent a powerful force and have the potential to forever change how we support our communities. We support social justice movements such as #BlackLivesMatter and #TakeAKnee to continue the legacy of our ancestors, whose shoulders we all stand on. Through financial literacy, we believe that everyone has the ability to grow, strengthen, and empower themselves, their families, and their communities. In this podcast, we’ll help you find the one transaction that could start you down your path of building systemic, generational wealth. We’ll talk to experts, authors, and award-winning journalists and financiers about homeownership, building credit, budgeting, brand building, and closing the racial wealth gap.