The Royal Ties

Clarck Cadet

Are you looking for a path to financial freedom? Would you like to buy a home sometime in the future? Join us at The Royal Ties podcast, where we will uncover all the questions you have about your financial literacy. This podcast has all the answers to your need-to-know questions. How do I become debt free? How do I budget to eventually buy my first home? What is my credit score and how do I fix it? I am Clarck the financial coach, and I have dedicated myself to serving my community by being the mentor, coach and financial influencer we always needed but never had. School, family, and friends these are the mentors we were provided to learn from growing up and the things they taught us never included financial literacy. Those days are in the past now you have an informative podcast where you will hear real-life situations you can relate to and get pointers on how to overcome life’s financial challenges. I'll provide you with actionable tips and advice on how to improve your financial situation in easy 10 to 15 minutes or less episodes. You will get straight facts from an entrepreneur who lived it all himself starting from the bottom and making his way to the top step by step and now he is sending down the elevator to level you up. The royal ties podcast is for teenagers getting ready tpm start their credit journey, young adults wanting to build/rebuild their credit and entrepreneurs who either are just starting their businesses and want professional help acquiring funding from banks or future entrepreneurs who need mentoring in incorporating their business and getting financing. No matter which stage you are at in your journey the first step to success starts right here on The Royal Ties podcast. Click play and enjoy the free gems. Music by artbigvee read less