From Inbox to Impact: Leveraging email signatures for B2B success with Exclaimer Global Chief Marketing Officer, Carol Howley #33

Marketing in the Madness

Feb 20 2024 • 42 mins

📩 Did you know that while 68% of marketers actively engage in email marketing campaigns, only half have ever considered harnessing the valuable real estate at the bottom of their emails? 🤔

Yes, we're talking about email signatures - those tiny yet mighty spaces that often go overlooked.

And with thousands of emails sent a day across an organisation, marketers are missing out on a gold mine of opportunities by neglecting this crucial channel.

But fear not, the clever people over at Exclaimer have now enabled these to feed into other marketing channels such as your Facebook Feed, and updated across your organisation at just the click of a button.

And this week’s Marketing in the Madness podcast guest is just the person to help you uncover this untapped potential. 🎙🎥

Carol Howley is the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Exclaimer, a Forbes Member AND Founding Member of Chief - a private network built to drive more women into positions of power and keep them there! 💁🏽‍♀️✨

There is so much juicy stuff in this episode, as Katie and Carol also amplify the lack of businesses creating cool, compelling, fun, interesting content and remembering the people behind the businesses that they are trying to engage with.

They also reveal the exact places that marketers should be investing when building a customer centric business, and you’ll find out why community marketing and review sites are game changers for B2B Marketing in 2024. 🚀


🌟How Carol transformed Exclaimer’s marketing from traditional tactics to cutting-edge demand-gen strategies.

👫 How to strengthen brand awareness, foster trust and nurture customer relationships through content marketing.

📩The secrets to leveraging email signatures as a unique lead generation channel.

📈 Strategies to improve alignment between sales and marketing teams through collaboration and data sharing.

Tune in now to join the conversation and unlock the full potential of email signatures in your marketing! 📩 🚀

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