How Composable Tech Gives Vodafone Group Cost Saving Superpowers With Vodafone Group’s Senior Communications & Digital Solutions Manager, Sam Billett #25

Marketing in the Madness

Nov 7 2023 • 38 mins

Want to find out exactly how Vodafone skyrocketed their bottom line by switching up their technology?

This episode is with Sam Billett, the Senior Communications & Digital Solutions Manager at Vodafone Group! He shared all of the juicy insights as to how and why composable tech gives Vodafone cost saving superpowers. And you can learn more about how it can help boost your bottom line too. 🚀🚀🚀

Don’t be one of those businesses that are afraid of change. We need to harness the power of innovative technology to help us all move faster and ultimately increase our profit margins. I know it’s a massive sticking point for businesses at the moment. Should we invest in new technology? Will the benefits outweigh the costs? Which platform provider is the best? Well, look no further because this episode has all the answers you need.

Not only does Sam go into detail about the cost saving benefits but he also recognises the impact it’s had on their ability to storytell, to communicate with customers and stakeholders and ultimately to be more creative. It’s a no brainer.

This episode covers:

  • 🚀 How to Unlock the Potential of Headless Technology
  • 📖 Storytelling Meets Technology: A New Era in Marketing
  • 🤝 Bridging the Gap: Communication Between Developers and Stakeholders
  • 📈 Vodafone's Digital Transformation Journey: The Power of Headless Tech
  • 🔍 Choosing the Right Technology for Your Projects

Katie Street

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