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Soccer Comic Rant is a podcast for soccer fans all over the world. This podcast features weekly soccer (called football outside the US) highlights. What makes this sports podcast different is that comedians host it. They also happen to be avid football fans. So listeners can expect game analysis and recaps. But they should remember these are all coming from a fan's perspective. Most of the discussions on this podcast involve England's Premier League. But the show also talks about international stars like Lionel Messi.

Ian Edwards takes on podcast hosting duties alongside Martin Harris. This pair of stand-up comedians bring an original approach to covering football. Fans of the sport may enjoy their quick-witted discussions on Soccer Comic Rant.

Edwards and Harris roast each other. It all depends on how their preferred Premier League clubs fare on the pitch. Edwards is a solid Manchester United fan, while Martin cheers for Tottenham Hotspur. Despite this difference, they come together on the podcast due to their love of the sport.

Listeners have vouched for their chemistry. Some even credit this podcast for reigniting their interest in the Premier League. It's easy to do when the hosts' playful banter and infectious passion for football is clear.

Soccer Comic Rant doesn't have a lot of guests. But when they do, they make sure it's every bit as fun too. Like when fellow comedian Maz Jobrani joins the show. Fans can be sure to hear what funny quips the comics have regarding the latest World Cup. Edwards and Harris fuel the anticipation and excitement fans have about their favorite teams. Who's going to win the Man City vs. Man Utd derby match? Has Newcastle peaked this season, or can fans hope for something even better? All these predictions and hilarious football musings feature on the Soccer Comic Rant podcast.

Soccer Comic Rant is an All Things Comedy production, coming out with a new episode weekly.

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Did Pochettino Bottle It? Man Utd Could Lose 3 In A Row? Etc
Feb 26 2024
Did Pochettino Bottle It? Man Utd Could Lose 3 In A Row? Etc
Soccer Comic Rant #511 Did Pochettino Bottle It? And The Rest Of Match Week 26. Man City barely win but they are one point behind Liverpool with no games in hand. This is where City is comfortable. Can Liverpool handle the pressure this time? Liverpool Win the Carabo cup!!!! Klopp wins his first trophy of the season. United’s ugly loss to Fulham. It was A sad tough game to watch. Arsenal is on fire. Even Havertz scored a meaningful goal. Everton draws with Brighton. They should have won. Sheffield Utd lose by only one this time. Aston Villa whoops Nottingham Forest. They stay in Champions League Contention. Has there ever been a season where three top teams in Europe Barca, Bayern, and Liverpool are all gonna need head coaches at the end of the season? Who will Xavi Alonzo pick? And the rest of Match week 26! And there are so many potential young special players in football.   Ian Edwards   Neil Chakravarty   Martin Harris     Merch Link   Lee Hudson   Aaron Brungardt