Jimmy Haslip

Inside MusiCast

Sep 24 2012 • 1 hr 32 mins

When you’re a trumpet player for a drum and bugle corp, it can only mean one thing…that you’re one serious horn player. That’s where Jimmy Haslip’s musical journey begins. But it doesn’t end there. You see, his musical world was turned upside down at a live performance at a school dance where he witnessed the playing of an electric bass guitar for the very first time.  Fast forward to LA where a young Jimmy Haslip is studying with his new teacher, Jaco Pastorius. As you might guess, success feeds success, as Jimmy’s talents are honed and perfected. His career is elevated when he crosses paths with Russ Ferrante and Ricky Lawson to record on Robben Ford’s first solo project in 1978. It is this collaboration that would lead to the creation of the legendary Yellowjackets. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Haslip’s discography and production credits are deep with amazing collaborations. Inside MusiCast welcomes a transplanted New Yorker and Long island native, Jimmy Haslip.