How Annette shifted from having a hobby on the side to being an entrepreneur with a “real” business

The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur Podcast

Jan 10 2023 • 30 mins

In this episode, Annette shares with honesty and authenticity, how she did not know where to start when she first started her business. And then, she explains how joining the Born To Do Business Program, working with Nathalie Garson and being part of a community of like minded entrepreneurs, helped her gain confidence in herself, have more clarity in her vision and shifted her mindset, which allowed her to grow her business from being a hobby to being a “real” freelance writing business with more ideal clients, an irresistible offer and a higher revenue.
Listen until the end of the episode to hear Annette’s precious tips for entrepreneurs who are starting out!

👉 Who is Annette?
Annette Mashi is Co-Owner of Write Wizards where she Creates Magic with Words writing newsletters, blogs, and website copy. Born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs, She has been living in Israel for over 25 years. She has a bachelor's degree in both Computer Science and Architecture and is a certified Project Manager.  She enjoys writing, telling stories, and shining the light on the magical abilities of others. You can reach her at

👉 What will we talk about?
What was Annette's challenge before she joined the Born To Do Business Program?
What did she accomplish with the Born To Do Business Program, both on a personal and a Business levels?
What is Annette's Born To Do and what is her vision in the next 5 years and how she is planning on reaching it?
Why is she recommending the Born To Do Business Program and what is her advice to other entrepreneurs?

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