Jun 15 2022 • 49 mins

On this episode, I had the honour of hosting RL Shawver.

Meet RL Shawver

I am an Amazon Best Selling Author with my first book - "For This Child I Have Prayed: 6 Heart Surgeries, 18 Months." I tell, from my perspective, how I fought in faith to see my son healthy as we battled two congenital heart defects and countless trips to the Emergency Room.

I grew up in small town West Virginia and have made a career over- analysing everything.

I am now turning those analytical and communication skills into a venture in writing and processing my traumas and victories.

The biggest problem I face is putting together a bio that shares what I've learned without glossing over my accomplishments, and doesn't make me sound like a nut-job. So, here's my attempt to do so.

I have:

  • Faced my son's seventh open heart surgery without fear or worry
  • Stayed married, and kept a good relationship with my older son who doesn't live with me
  • Learned how to face the demons of hell and grin in their face, knowing I will have victory
  • Learned how to stand in faith and pray protection over my children
  • Learned how to see the promises of God fulfilled even when I don't feel like God will do so

Aside from that, in my career and life, I have:

  • work on intersecting data and law and money and engineering
  • worked for a S&P 500 preparing analyses and reports
  • analysed companies worth upwards of $10 Billion
  • learned to lead in any position
  • trained for 15 years in leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, and hearing people's hearts

And in case you need any more info - I am a father of 2 boys (but you probably already gathered that), am the proud husband of Stephanie, and have been pouring my focus into mental, physical, and spiritual health and where we are getting it wrong and how we can get it right in 2022 and beyond.

On this episode he gave us a tour into his story, his vulnerability, who held his hands, his faith and when they had a breakthrough. What an amazing and empowering story. I hope your faith his rekindled and ready to fight through your challenges to becoming an overcomer. Be opened!