S1 Ep.09 | The key to achieve brand & audience growth in culturally different markets Ft. Elvira Serra, L'Oréal General Manager for Luxury Brands

Influencer Marketing Uncovered

Apr 30 2021 • 51 mins

Entering and successfully growing in a new market is a challenge for any brand and business. In this episode Elvira Serra, General Manager for luxury brands at L’Oréal France discusses with our hosts, Maira Genovese, Founder and CMO of MG Empower and Aleks Velev Account Manager, how to use Influencer Marketing as a strategy to successfully penetrate a new market. Tune in to discover how, through the power of Influencer Marketing can brands resonate with a new market audience, conduct in-depth research and understand what type of content, language and channels, different audiences around the globe engage with.

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