S1 Ep.16 | The ins and outs of the Creator Economy. What can brands learn from the Asian market ? Ft. Siang Ng thought leader on marketing and business strategy

Influencer Marketing Uncovered

Sep 3 2021 • 49 mins

The Asian market has been leading the path on technology and marketing innovations over the past years. In this episode, Siang Ng former VP of Global Business at Gushcloud International and today thought leader on marketing and business strategy, discusses with Maira Genovese Founder and CMO of MG Empower and Andrea Cortés, Business Development and Marketing Manager, the key learnings from Asia for brands to embrace when tapping in the Creator Economy. Tune in to discover how this new era, has transformed brand and consumer relationships, how Livestream shopping has redefined engagement and how to successfully build a co-creation strategy with influencers to raise consumer trust and live audience participation.

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