S1 Ep.15 | How can brands shape the digital landscape to be a kinder place and achieve business success? Ft. Naomi Walkland VP Bumble EMEA

Influencer Marketing Uncovered

Aug 13 2021 • 45 mins

In today’s world, brands have the possibility to positively impact society. In this episode, Naomi Walkland VP of Marketing for Bumble EMEA joins our host Maira Genovese, Founder and CMO of MG Empower to explore how brands can use their platform and marketing efforts  to build a safer and kinder digital landscape. Both leaders discuss their experiences on leading purpose led businesses and explore together how, through the power of cultural voices, a brand mission can come to live in a stronger and relevant way, to evoke a positive change. Tune in to discover how Bumble has successfully defied social norms and turned the dating landscape into a safe place, by empowering women and how their collaboration with cultural voices has led the brand to leave a positive change in society.

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