17 Overcoming our negative intention by identifying with our spiritual self


Jul 17 2023 • 23 mins

As we slowly but surely make progress on our path, we become more alive. And we're more honest in our feelings and ability to relate. We “sacrifice” old reactive patterns and discover that we have not given up anything good, and we have gained plenty. It’s hard to remain skeptical. Yet at some point in our journey, we are going to run into a wall. It's made of our previously concealed but now plenty-conscious negative intention.

In our whacky, mixed-up psyches, we unconsciously want whatever it is we fear…Further, whatever we experience, we also unconsciously want. All of these teachings rest upon these immutable facts. We need to keep this in mind when we come face-to-face with our basic attitude toward life that basically says No…

So much of the resistance we encounter—in ourselves and our companions—is due precisely to our not wanting to see that a senseless, destructive streak of negative intention is in us…We’d rather hold onto our spite and go on blaming some fate that has befallen "poor innocent me," than to move from our position…When we do finally see it, it is not a tragedy—it’s a huge blessing…

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Bones, Chapter 17: Overcoming our Negative Intention by Identifying with our Spiritual Self

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