The 4 Rs of Repurposing Research with Michele Linn

The Content 10x Podcast

May 19 2022 • 35 mins

Original research can be a gold-mine for content marketers. But only if you get the results you need – and repurpose them effectively. In this episode, we ask Michele Linn, content marketing and research expert, how marketers can get the most out of their original research findings. Michele is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Mantis Research, and shares her techniques for repurposing research findings into engaging content. She also reveals what marketers can do to set their research up for repurposing success, and shares examples of research repurposing in action. Amy Woods is a content repurposing expert and the CEO and Founder of Content 10x–a specialist content repurposing agency helping tech and professional services businesses worldwide repurpose their content. Amy is a best-selling author, hosts two content marketing podcasts (The Content 10x Podcast and B2B Content Strategist), and speaks on stages all over the world about the power of content repurposing. Find out: How story stats and inventory stats differ and why both can level-up your content strategy The 4 Rs of repurposing your data and research findings The biggest mistake marketers make with research projects Important Links & Mentions Michele’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelelinn/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelelinn/) Mantis Research: https://mantisresearch.com/ (https://mantisresearch.com/) Research Power (Half) Hour: https://mantisresearch.com/research-power-half-hour/ (https://mantisresearch.com/research-power-half-hour/) How to Repurpose a White Paper or Research Report into a Webinar: https://www.content10x.com/repurpose-white-paper-into-webinar/ (https://www.content10x.com/repurpose-white-paper-into-webinar/) My book: https://www.content10x.com/book (Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results) Join hundreds of business owners, content creators and marketers and get content repurposing tips and advice delivered straight to your inbox every week https://www.content10x.com/newsletter (https://www.content10x.com/newsletter)