Just Live Podcast 002 - What does it look like to JUST LIVE? (Life Cycle - SEE IT)

Just Live Podcast with Dan & Suzie

Aug 30 2022 • 21 mins

Some say Seeing is Believing, while others say Believing is Seeing. The truth is, like the chicken and the egg it is hard to say which came first.  But in the LIFE CYCLE we choose to first open our eyes, and see the Life we were created to LIVE! This hatches our God given ability to imagine LIFE and believe.

This week Dan & Suzie begin to walk with you, step by step, through the LIFE CYCLE, so you can SEE LIFE.  Your LIFE, right now, freely moving outside the egg shell.

Don't be a chicken . . . you were create to Just Live (and fly).

In this episode Dan & Suzie Potter . . . DUZIE,  ask the question "What does it look like to JUST LIVE?"