Turning Hard Times into Good Times

Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor’s show will explain the real underlying causes for plunging stock prices, plunging home prices and growing unemployment. By correctly diagnosing the cause of America’s economic decline, rather than listening to excuses from Wall Street and Washington, Jay will offer winning investment ideas to protect and increase wealth. Topics to be discussed will include the cause of the decline of: our monetary system and our economy, the housing markets, the equity markets, and commodities, Why gold and silver are rising in value and how investors can profit from the direction of these markets through specific stocks, ETF’s and precious metals will also be discussed. Turning Hard Times into Good Times is broadcast live every Tuesday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.
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Beating the S&P 500 with Kevin Duffy
Beating the S&P 500 with Kevin DuffyHas Capitalism Failed?
Doug Casey, Chen Lin and Dr. Quinton Hennigh return. Not only rhetoric but policies of the Biden Administration look more akin to those of fascist and/or communist dictatorships than a free market capitalist system. While America never had a perfectly free market capitalist system, thanks to both Republican and Democrat parties, it is now hard to discern economic policies much different from fascist and communist governments as our choice to engage in commerce is increasingly regulated by big government. Nor do Americans seem to care much about civil liberties as evidenced by the demolition of our First Amendment rights through Big Tech censorship aimed at giving in to the Democrat party dictatorial power. As the middle class dwindles and the top 1% own nearly all of America’s wealth, the middle class is rapidly moving toward abject poverty as stimulus checks from “Uncle Joe” are quickly losing value thanks to QE programs, one after another. Yet Americans who vote on either side of the isle tend to make their decisions not on the basis of classical logic but on emotions. Doug will help us ferret out what has led to a decline in America’s living standards. Is it the capitalist system that has failed or is it the fault of the politicians that simply pulled the stable construct of capitalism out from under its foundation? I look forward to Doug’s answers to those questions as well as where he thinks the world is heading to and how you should prepare. Quinton will update us on the progress Lion One Metals as it moves toward test mining its high-grade alkaline gold deposit in Fiji. Chen will share his thoughts about 2022 as we start the new year and offer some investment suggestions in the biotech and gold mining sectors.
Jan 11 2022
55 mins
Why Gold’s 2021 Disappointment? What about 2022?Viewing 2022 through the Eyes of Crescat CapitalThe Monetary Path to Hell!
James Turk, Michael Oliver & Quinton Hennigh return. America’s Founding Fathers defined the dollar in terms of a set amount of gold and silver because they understood fiat money would enable politicians and private citizens to counterfeit money as a means of robbing honest, hardworking citizens and thereby deprive them of their natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Fast forward to 2021, in a world of massive money manipulation by the Federal Reserve Bank, Americans are confined to their homes, mandated to be vaccinated, forced to wear masks, told when and with whom they can assemble, and told what they are allowed to say. Not only is our wealth being stolen through monetary inflation, which would be impossible had we kept gold and silver as money, but we are also losing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. James Turk who has understood the connection between dishonest fiat money and the road to hellish government tyranny has written about this subject in his newly published book titled “Money & Liberty: In the Pursuit of Happiness and The Theory of Natural Money.” We will ask James to explain how sound money is a precondition to a sound and fair meritocracy that enables people to be free to use their God given talents for an advanced equitable society. Michael will share the results of his latest momentum and structural analysis of gold and silver and other significant markets and Quinton will provide an update on Eskay Mining’s evolving precious metals rich VMS deposit in B.C. that is connected to the famous Eskay Creek mine.
Dec 21 2021
55 mins
Why Inflation is a Runaway Freight Train!
Charles Hugh Smith and Quinton Hennigh return. Heated debates frequently erupt over whether inflation or deflation is the most important risk factor investors need to be mindful of. First, definitions of those terms are necessary to answer that question correctly. Once definitions are established, what factors like government accounting gimmicks and propaganda need to be understood to realize the magnitude of inflation and why it is as unstoppable as a runaway freight train. Charles will talk about some of the arguments used by the establishment that understate the cost of staying alive which is destroying the living standards of the middle class. Massive wealth is being redistributed to the top 1% of Americans and is reminiscent of feudal times in Europe. In the first segment of the show, Quinton will provide an update on Irving Resources as that company resumes drilling its exciting gold project in Japan. He will continue into the second segment to provide an update on the emerging world-class, silver-tin rich poly-metallic Iska Iska deposit in Bolivia that is being developed by Eloro Resources. We will explore the upside share price potential for Eloro Resources once the market begins to take note of the scale and economics of this massive bulk mineable deposit. Charles will round out the second half of the show to help us understand why inflation is now unstoppable and hopefully provide some suggestions as to how middle class citizens can best prepare to defend themselves against inflationary damage.
Dec 14 2021
57 mins
How Long until Inflation Breaks Germany & the World?
John Rubino, Michael Oliver and Patrick Highsmith return. Almost alone among the world’s serious nations, Germany has scenes like this within living memory: During the 1923 Weimar Republic’s hyperinflation, newly-destitute Germans burned their life savings to keep warm or carted wheelbarrows of cash to stores to buy bread and milk. This wipe-out of an entire generation’s wealth led directly to Hitler and WWII, arguably the two dumbest mistakes made by any country ever. Note how in the recent past, before the Deutsche Bundesbank was replaced by the European Central Bank, short-term German interest rates were always set above the inflation rate in order to keep prices under control. Those days are over. Since the Great Recession, German interest rates have been consistently below the rate of inflation, apparently to encourage even faster price increases. So the question becomes: how much more of this can Germany take before it breaks from the Eurozone and starts trying to save itself? Or, will it simply go along with the Davos crowd toward implementation of a one-world government and a single global currency? Meantime, it is 100% certain that the Fed will commit a policy error. Will it trigger a massive deflation of the financial markets or allow inflation to run out of control to save the stock market? Those and many more questions will be asked of John. Patrick will update us on Firefox Gold’s exciting gold exploration progress in Finland and Michael will provide his latest guidance on gold, silver, stocks and bonds.
Dec 7 2021
57 mins
The Need to Focus on Income-Producing InvestmentsFocusing on World Class Gold & Silver Discoveries Underway
Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver return. Looks like Michael Oliver “nailed it” once again in his latest call to aggressively go long gold and gold shares as soon as gold were to register a weekly close above $1,825 anytime this quarter. As a technical analyst, Michael leaves the complex causes of why markets behave as they do to fundamentalists like Alasdair. Alasdair has explained that after Basel III banks will effectively no longer be able to hold derivatives like futures contracts and options without allocating additional capital to their balance sheet, which over time should lead to more accurate price discovery. This should be massively bullish for gold and silver because approximately 15,000 times more paper gold than physical gold is traded on the LBMA, and those contracts on balance have a very strong anti-gold bias. So as of January 3, 2022, those “anti- gold” derivatives will no longer be able to obscure price discovery for gold & silver bullion. That factor combined with a runaway inflation problem are two fundamental bullish forces underlying Michael’s most recent call which seems to be “spot on.” A little known fact to most investors is that gold and silver miners are the most profitable sector in the S&P 500, aside from financials. But the miners are rapidly depleting their reserves in the process and are in dire need of new deposits. To the rescue, comes Dr. Quinton Hennigh and other exploration geologists who are helping tiny Canadian companies find the next world class gold and silver deposits. Quinton Hennigh will talk about several small cap exploration companies that appear to be on their way toward major discoveries, such as Eloro Resources, Eskay Mining, Lion One Metals, and Novo Resources. Quinton will update listeners on the progress those companies are making as well as earlier stage developers that have similar world class exploration potential like Labrador Gold Corp., Firefox Gold and Hannan Metals. This episode, more than most, is geared toward helping listeners make money to help turning hard times into good times.
Nov 23 2021
54 mins
What are the Signs of Fiat Currency Destruction?It’s Time For Gold Miners & Other Value StocksThe Most Undervalued Equity Market Sector? Gold Miners!
John Rubino, Gwen Preston and Eric Coffin return. You might be surprised to learn that according to Bloomberg, the only S&P 500 sector (excluding Financials) that is enjoying positive free cash flows after factoring out consumer price inflation is the gold and silver mining sector. Gold & silver miners are enjoying a positive inflation adjusted free cash flow of ~+1.0%. Other sectors cash flows? Materials ~-0.5%, Consumer discretionary ~-1.0%, Energy ~-1.25%, Consumer Staples ~-1.3%, Industrials ~-2.0%, Communications services ~-2.1%, Health Care ~-2.9%, Information Technology ~-3.1%, Real Estate ~-4.75% & Utilities ~-8.5%. Meantime, for the first time since the 1970s, wage inflation is just beginning to spiral upward as labor shortage puts common workers in the driver’s seat. Workers are starting to go on strike more aggressively than any time since the 1970s leading to rising wages that lead to higher inflation, that result in still more demands from workers for still higher wages in the form of cost of living adjustments. With gold and silver mining being the only sector (besides Financials) in the S&P 500 that that has a positive inflation-adjusted free cash flow, it is the most undervalued sector in the S&P 500 and figures to be the most able to withstand spiraling labor costs, especially as the real price of gold rises off its historical lows. Those topics and more will be discussed with John. Gwen and Eric will join me to discuss their favorite junior gold and silver exploration stocks some of which they have invited to the November 2021 Metals Investor Forum.
Nov 2 2021
58 mins
How Will a Bankrupt America Fund Socialism?
Oct 26 2021
57 mins
How America’s Emerging Revolution is Similar to Cuba’s
Richard Maybury and Dr. Roger Moss return. When President Eisenhower was leaving the Presidency, he warned Americans of the emerging “military industrial complex” (MIC) that would destroy our democratic form of government. Sadly, it seems the President was right as a massive bureaucracy now makes rules that have nothing to do with the will of the electorate. A move away from power by the people to power of the government over the electorate to dictate every area of life has provoked growing anger from conservatives. Conservatives crave retention of the Constitution that guarantees the rights of Americans to be free of government tyranny. Much of the current lack of agreement is related to social issues, with economic issues taking a back seat. But, increasingly, as Federal Reserve’s counterfeiting actions result in hyperinflation and Americans realize this money printing scam is the reason for their poverty and the massive wealth of the top 1%, Richard believes a setting very similar to Cuba in 1958 may leave power in America up for grabs by any number of interests. Richard will explain what to watch for to determine who will gain power and what investments you should own in preparation for a hyperinflationary event starting with gold. Roger will give us an update on Labrador Gold Corp on its Kingsway project that is starting to show some very high grade results. These results are starting to resemble the results of the emerging world class gold discovery on the Queensway project next door by New Found Gold.
Oct 19 2021
57 mins
Playing Three Card Monte With President Biden
Oct 12 2021
57 mins
Can Virtual Money be backed by Gold?The Money Tree, Open Borders & Other AOC FantasiesWhy the Dollar’s Debt Trap is InflationaryCrescat’s Macro Economic Case for GoldMaking Sense of a Financial World Gone Mad