Path of the Devil

Hashing Out the Law

May 28 2020 • 34 mins

Welcome to Season 2 of Hashing Out the Law, the podcast where we discuss and hash out legal issues and/or topics. I am your host Arash Hashemi.

On this episode I will be talking to retired DEA agent Larry Hardin.

After 30 years in the DEA, Larry currently teaches criminal law for students coming into law enforcement, runs his own private investigating business, and volunteers to visit with military veterans, law enforcement agents, and officers in hospice.

Larry has written two books: Path of the Devil - Camino del Diablo and Fighting My Greatest Enemy: Myself.

We will be talk to Larry about his experience in the DEA and his books.

(Recorded May , 25, 2020)

*Disclaimer - The materials on this Podcast are for informational purposes only and are not legal advice. You should not act or rely on any information from this Podcast without seeking advice from an attorney licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction. Neither the Podcast nor use of information from the Podcast creates an attorney-client relationship.