Ep. 28 - Faith and Commitment: The Birth of Confluence Ministries with Jude Del Hierro

The Today Counts Show

Jul 31 2022 • 54 mins

Would you make a commitment that involved moving your family to the worst neighborhood in the inner city to serve your community and start a new ministry?  If you are Jude and Cindy Del Hierro of Denver, Colorado... the answer is yes!  On the home page of ConfluenceMinistries.org it says, in big bold letters, "Confluence Ministries exists to bring positive change through meaningful connections."  Jude talks with Jim about when he and Cindy first moved their family to the crime ridden inner city area of Denver, how they would hear gunshots every day and gangs ran the streets.  Jude shares an amazing story with Jim about how they received a building to start their new ministry before they even knew what God's new assignment was or, what the name of this new ministry would be!  You will also learn the meaning of a new term, "Common Grace".  Listen along with Jim to this truly inspiring story.

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