Global Marxisim from the Top Down - America's Fundamental Change

Frank Goss

We are confronting some issues we have never had to face as a nation. We have a government that is at best, corrupt and lawless, seeking to alter everything we know as Americans. Some say for the better. Nobody believes that...people are afraid...Following in the steps of his predessor, Barack Obama, Joe Biden is ignoring the Constitution, by-passing Congress, and ruling by fiat. Wonder who taught him that? Who exactly is running the show and what is the plan...Marxism? Communism? Plato's Guardian Kings? Let's look at the motivating ideas and ideologies...
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Francis Fox Piven and her husband, Richard Andrew Cloward. Both were longtime Marxists Socialist...operating under the American rubric "Democratic Socialist of America." Their desire was to hasten the collapse of Capitalism and America's free-market economy in favor of Soviet style collectivism.Their stratagy was to overwhelm the economy with welfare recipents, making impossible demands, thus creating a national economic crisis. This crisis would lead to replacing the welfare system with "a guaranteed fixed annual income" for all, thus ending poverty.These were evil people, make no mistake. The blacks they sought to liberate fell deeper into poverty than ever before. In the fifty years that have passed, their plight has not improved as long as they have relied on the Cloward/Piven ideas.It was this couple, along with Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and other radicals during the sixties that managed to create the 'welfare baby' society, Blacks in America, by Socialistic design, have become slaves to Government handouts and addicted to welfare. If you know anything about history, you will know that Margret Sanger, whom Hillary Clinton venerated, founded Planned Parenthood with the intention of exterminating the negro population. The democrats do everything they say they stand against and they do it openly and without consequences.The Marxist ideology that was promoted  so heavily during the sixties finally found its way to the White House in Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chucky Schumer. It is being forced upon  the American public through our statehouses and leaders. We have to speak up, indeed. But first, we must recognize what is going on. The Marxist move upon a culture by creating chaos, not peace, turmoil, not calm. Everything is a problem, everybody is racist, everybody is greedy. They breed contempt and hatred...and point out that others are doing this while they are the ones instigating and promoting these things. They have a purpose and an agenda.Cloward and Piven encouraged a massive drive to fill the welfare rolls. This would create a huge fincancial crisis that would unlease an overwelming desire for economic reform nationally. Things have to be destroyed and removed before we can rebuild.  According to Joe Biden, it is all part of he process. Flooding the boarder with illegal immagrants will place an incredible burden on the American economy and will lead to social unrest. Housing will become an issue, food shortages will arise.  Using the created crisis of the Covid19 Pandemic, businesses have been forced to close,  supplies will become limited, banks are beginning forclosure procedures while the government continues to pay people not to work. Sound like a good plan?Today,  the Social Democrats, the "Progressives" are stoking fear, turmoil, violence, lawlessness, and intentional injustice, aiming at an economic collapse. Their expressed desire is to see the demise of a capitalistic culture and a free-market society.  This is the heart of today's leftist ideology. They have a better plan. Let's look at their models:Venezulea, North Korea, China, Brazil, Russia. Take your pick.Our present administration has fully embraced these concepts. Our collapse is coming from the top down, from illegitmate leaders in the White House, on the media, and in Congress.Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schumer, Dick Durbin, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, the Clintons,  the sleepy, fat guy from New York, Jerry Nadler....Adam Shift... all politicians deeply allied with socialist ideals. Read their bio's and follow their history.  If we reject the truth, we will be ensnared with no one to help.And now, the FBI is monitoring the parents of school children.Come on, man.Let's go Brandon!
Nov 9 2021
12 mins
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