3/24 1 Samuel 28 - The King Visits A Witch?

Key Chapters of the Bible

Mar 24 2023 • 14 mins

We’ve all had times where we wished God would make His will clearer. Today, we’re looking at 1st Samuel 28 where Saul wanted to know what to do, but sought guidance from a witch. This is a stunning passage that helps us connect the dots on God’s judgment of Saul. Join us in another key study in the Key Chapters of God’s Word!


1.    What is the overall context of 1st Samuel 28? Where are we at in the timeline of Saul’s life?
2.    What was in Saul’s heart in verse 5? How do you think this impacted Saul’s decisions in this chapter?
3.    Why was the Lord silent of Saul in verse 6? How did Saul’s actions bring him to this place with the Lord?
4.    What insight does the podcast give us from 1st Chronicles 10:14 into Saul’s lack of seeking the Lord? How can this help us know how to seek the Lord when we’re not sure what to do?
5.    As this chapter unfolds, we find out that Saul seeks the help of a witch. How does this whole situation give us a clearer window into Saul’s heart?
6.    The podcast gave some reasons why God prohibits His people from seeking the counsel of mediums/fortunetellers, etc. What were they? What light does Leviticus 19:31 and 20:27 shed on this?
7.    The podcast discussed the nature of this witch so conjuring of Samuel. What do you think happened here? Was Samuel really conjured?
8.    The podcast listed some ways that God guides His people. What were some of those ways that were discussed? How has the Lord led you through things like those that were suggested?

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