Bring Your Own Struggle - Where Did Y'all Go? Ep. 26

Schooling Struggle

Jun 23 2022 • 34 mins

In this episode, Peter rides a shotgun seat - Todd takes the bull by the horn.  Topics range from compassion to parenting mishaps - through a lens of... as you may guess lived, raw, enduring struggle.  Uncovered herein is a huge realization of how being part of this podcast has unearthed unlikely and surprising benefits in multiple ways.

Related points:

  • No stoplights and two post offices in Hartland Vermont.
  • Communication is key and sets intention for all those involved.  Lack thereof leaves gaps and places for confusion.
  • It's hot in Arizona, but it is a dry heat.
  • Sometimes the celebration of an event pales in contrast to attending the event itself, and in its entirety.
  • Laundry rooms, although small, can hold large topics and host huge conversations.
  • At the spot where words turn into emotion, or flirt right on that edge.  This is the spot where being truly alive and present demands attention.
  • Perspectives differ between every individual.  What one person sees in us, oftentimes is something we are completely blind to ourselves.
  • Frogging can be fun.

Mental habit / action / tool examples:

  • If you think you know something about an event you've never attended - try to remain aware of that fact - the assumptive nature of what you think you know, and how that may impact your presence or decisions.
  • When a statement or message from someone triggers a sense of emotion in your body - listen closely and look for an opportunity to stretch and grow.  It will be uncomfortable, even to look, but holds a wealth of education if you allow it in.
  • Seek feedback and when it's given, look at it as a gift.
  • Ask more questions than statements, as much as possible.

Quotes / quips:

  • "It's more important to be loving than to be right (in a marriage/relationship)." - Keith
  • "Do I want to be looked at as the person that is right, or do I want to be looked at as the person who is caring?"

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