Delay of Gratification & Financial Fitness: Ep. 40

Schooling Struggle

Nov 7 2022 • 58 mins

Episode Guest: Doug Anton - Teacher (Social Studies/Economics), and many other hats.

We pick the mind of our guest for perspective on financial matters and choices as well as the environment we construct and place ourselves in (socially).  Shared along the way are frameworks for thinking about these things, as well as lessons learned and tips and tricks.

Mental habit / action / tool examples:

  • Financial wellness = to be financially and economically fit and well.
  • To be financially fit = Are your short-term needs and wants taken care of, and do you have a reliable long-term plan?
  • Physical wellness and financial wellness can complement each other.
  • Look for strengths within yourself and others, and leverage those to amplify success.
  • Very few choices in our life are all or nothing.  Use decisions at the edge to focus on the present yet do not 'dent' the future.
  • If we spend money on things which align to our goals, this is an investment in self.
  • Look for opportunity in everything, and constantly as we move forward, and things shift.

Related points:

  • Key to success in life?  Maybe delay of gratification.
  • One way to think of moving forward is how are what we are doing in the present.
  • Be aware of the people whom you surround yourself with, these relationships have a significant impact on one's environment.
  • We can aspire to be in a way, and not always hit the mark all the time.  Be kind to yourself and give space and grace.
  • Evidence based research can be useful when considering ice cream intake and timing.
  • Few thumbs up (in social environments) for maxing out your ROTH contributions - more for bankrupting yourself to purchase a flashy car.

Quotes / quips:

  • “Be willing to give up what you want now, for what you want most."
  • "We can shape our environment in order to improve our fitness in any element."
  • "If you are only living for the future, you'll have a pretty bad time on the way there."
  • "Social interaction is the fabric of what makes us human and what makes human lives meaningful."
  • "The way the world is, is not always the way the world seems."
  • "Nothing is certain, but we can often shift the odds in our favor, by shifting your environment."

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