A Year Into this Thing? - Our Thoughts: Ep. 38

Schooling Struggle

Oct 24 2022 • 38 mins

One year, from concept and first action - that went fast – this a retrospective.  We talk about what has transpired, what we think about it, what we’ve learned, and what comes next for us.

Key Questions:

Q. What have you learned about yourself thought he podcast?
Q. What’s the perspective about how the podcast fit into your life?

Mental habit / action / tool examples:
- Always look for ways you can learn new things from seemingly mundane actions.
- Try not to reach too far for what seems appropriate for an audience – rather do it for something that resonates within you.
- Always lean into what’s uncomfortable – what is hard for you.
- Sharpen an awareness which allows you to observe current actions, especially those which are not working toward your intentions.
- Giving ourselves in a meaningful way can serve as an example (to ourselves and others) of how we aspire to be.
- See the lens of what you do but realize that that lens is not who you are.
- Sometimes the things which drain us are not of our making.  Keep a vigilant eye.

Related points:
- Peter loves podcasting, and he never thought it would be as rich as an experience when we began.
- Portal, the term can be scary - ask Peter.  Magic happens there.
- Launching a podcast from an iPhone 6, is a path potentially fraught with danger.
- WWPD – What would Peter do?
- If you have a podcast (or similar platform), people may be more likely to engage and join a conversation, than just a coffee chat or random call.
- Text exchanges with Todd can drive you mad with a blast of fragmented responses.

Quotes / quips:
- “It’s a very difficult thing to be always aligned with the person you wish you were.”
- “Remember why you started.”
- “If I verbalize that I’m going to do something, I am more likely to do it.”
- “I don’t want my students to be done being my students when the day or semester ends, I want to be their teacher for life.”
- “It’s like a pen pal, but fast forward.”

Rando Mentions:
- The Pete Driscoll Vlog
- Pen Pals
- ASB – Associated Student Body

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