It's Never Too Late to Chase What You Love - Keith Smith: Ep. 31

Schooling Struggle

Aug 22 2022 • 50 mins

Part One of Two: In this episode we welcome our first guest, the one and only Keith Smith.  We dive into his story, from early sports analytics, through high school and college, to the workforce, and then into what he wanted ‘to do for a living’.

Mental habit / action / tool examples:

  • Long term relationships built atop commitment, lead to accountability and resilience over their duration.
  • Leverage where you are to learn and add skills to your toolbox.
  • Skill acquisition is a fantastic way to steadily add new tools to your toolbox.
  • One approach to learning is go it as far as you are able THEN look for reference and/or ask individuals who are proficient in that space.
  • Know the limit of your bandwidth when considering shifting gears to chase dreams.

Related points:

  • Pete wore exceptionally large basketball shorts for many years.  Comfort is key.
  • An inflatable raft can serve very well as a cheap air mattress replacement.
  • Basketball is one of the few team sports one can practice effectively in solitary.
  • ‘Front office’ in the basketball world, works on scouting and team management aspects.
  • Walt Disney World (Florida US) is twice the size of Manhattan (NY, US).
  • You can work at McDonalds near your home, there’s no need to move hundreds of miles away to do that.
  • No strollers on the handicap ramp, in Walt Disney World.  Hard stop.
  • Big corporations love acronyms and hierarchical re-organization.
  • 133 million dollars (USD) is the standard NBA salary cap.

Quotes / quips:

  • "If you think you’re the only one who cares about something, go to Google and type it in, if it auto fills… someone else cares about it too.”
  • “Thank you for a thoughtful and thorough idea.”

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