Our Wasted Attention & Time: Ep. 29

Schooling Struggle

Aug 8 2022 • 37 mins

In this episode Peter and Todd get back together after some vacations on both sides.  We discuss where we place attention and time (as the title suggests), each of us brings to the table three areas of life where we could use a higher level of mental strength, or three areas where we tend to get rattled more than we are comfortable.  Sidebars include arbor speak and discussion, hosting snacks, and other small loosely related   yet interesting personal tie-ins.

Peters three (well two):
- Being a fan of sports teams.
- Longing for landscaping that meets some lofty expectations of the past (for self or others).  (Massachusetts -vs- Vermont)
- To be continued

Todd's three (two):
- What are the things I know I do, that I observe other people do not do, that I wish I could do differently.
- Constant procrastination.
- Adopting irritation.

Related points:

  • Sometimes the pitter-patter of little feet can drive us nuts.
  • Age is just a number, and forty-six is not that many in the scheme of things.
  • We might all benefit from small helpings of 'ish' from time to time.
  • Depending on your friends and social circles, Fantasy Sports can have some allure.
  • The human condition is that we all want to feel noticed and enjoyed - connected.
  • In Brazil, you might find armed guards near the soccer pitch - during rivalry games.
  • Getting your federal income tax done, in July, is better than ignoring them altogether.
  • You'll be hard pressed to find someone in Vermont saying that the winter is great because there's no need to do yardwork.
  • ~60% of Hawaii power comes from burring invasive vegetation.
  • When the company is over, pour the chips in the bowl, not all hands should be reaching into the bag.

Mental habit / action / tool examples:

  • Take a poll of things you spend your attention and time upon, and review how they make you feel.
  • Utilize your awareness to know when your thoughts are hijacking how you respond to others.
  • Writing lists can be a way to hold oneself accountable.  Narrow a list to "the things" that you must accomplish.  Checking the done box can help drive completion.
  • Small wins accumulate into large swaths of positive reinforcement.
  • Consider giving away the (perceived) ownership of things you hold on to for egotistical/selfish reasons.

Quotes / quips:

  • "Sports teams is simply rooting for laundry."

Rando Mentions:

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