Laughter, Death & Fun Stories in Between: Ep. 23

Schooling Struggle

May 29 2022 • 31 mins

The title hits the larger themes in this episode however Peter and Todd explore the intersection of Storytime and M3 (Magical Microphone Monday's) going into places unexplored.  Might not be typical for these two, given the ‘structure’ of other releases – or – not.  Hope you all enjoy it.

Related points:

  • Sometimes books are worth a revisit, depending on where you are along your life’s path.
  • Measure of success can be pinned to ‘some guy’ in Vermont asking you to co-host a podcast.
  • Death – what happens in the mind of the dying.
  • Sometimes the body fails, yet the mind is 100% intact.
  • How can you make every interaction, personally, result in someone feeling noticed and enjoyed?
  • Jumping across breezeways sixteen floors up might not be the best idea – sober or not.
  • Irritation can help some drivers remain awake.

Mental habit / action / tool examples:

  • Leaning into scary or uncomfortable experiences in our lives can reshape who we are, in many ways.
  • Share, if you can, the experiences and actions which have shaped your life with others. To share what we learn is to add to the wellbeing and growth of those around us.
  • Thoughts which are outside our control / comprehension are often fruitless to ponder. Fruitless in contrast to our forward intentions in the present.
  • If you feel uncomfortable when leaving a situation, when you ponder it and feel there is something undone / left unstated – this is an opportunity to lean in and take a step into discomfort.
  • Listen to your emotions, the felt sense of how they feel in your body… these feelings have utility but are often discounted or ignored.


  • “Definition of focus – paying close attention to the detail while always keeping the big picture in mind.”
  • “The human condition is that everyone wants to be noticed and enjoyed.”

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