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Mark Harbert is on a mission to help online business owners all over the world realize their true potential and escape the everyday grind by living life on their terms. There is so much noise in the online marketing world. Whether you are just starting your online marketing journey or a seasoned pro, Mark Harbert has a knack for cutting through the clutter by getting to the meat and potatoes of what is working right now. He focuses on taking the complex and making it simple and easy for anyone to understand. The main goal of this podcast is to help you develop the mindset of an entrepreneur while being strategic in your plan of action for maximum results in online marketing. Mark Harbert has been teaching and training online marketing professionals since 2009 via his blog, social media, paid courses, and consulting. If you are ready to take your business to the next level then be sure to subscribe today to The Mark Harbert Podcast.

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Are you doing Facebook LIVES and want more leads? It all comes down to the promotional strategies you use to get the word out about your LIVE video. In this episode, I share with you 5 tips you can use to get your broadcasts out there and what you can AFTER the broadcast to get more exposure for years to come.Be sure to download my 167 Social Media Post Templates Guide you can AUTOMATE for more leads and sales in your business. https://pro.markharbert.com/automation/VISIT THE SPONSORS OF THIS PODCAST HERE:Ecamm Live Broadcasting Software - Learn More HereIf you want to enrich your LIVE videos experience, this tool is AMAZING. Perfect for high production-looking lives and super simple to use and allows you to broadcast to multiple locations at the same time.Facebook Friend Filter - Learn More HereHave a whole bunch of inactive friends on your Facebook profile? This browser extension can you help quickly identify those friends that no longer engage on any of your posts and help you to unfriend them quickly. This tool is awesome for increasing engagement in a big way.MeetEdgar Autoposter Software – Learn More HereMy tool of choice for auto-posting to my social media profiles. You can post images, text posts, upload videos, and much more. Amazing tool for social automation and driving more organic traffic to your content.Get access to my Social Media Automation Guide which has 167 social media post templates you can automate. Download it here: https://pro.markharbert.com/go/tap/guide/
Aug 16 2021
10 mins
#7: Why The "Presell" Is Crucial If You Want To Make Money Online