Elizabeth Kinnard - FT Data Analytics Cohort 9

Stories from the Hackery

Apr 27 2023 • 5 mins

Elizabeth Kinnard graduated with full time Data Analytics Cohort 9. I've lived and traveled to many parts of the world mainly because my dad was in the military. And when it was my time to decide where to live, I decided on Tennessee. I went to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and received my degree in Economics. I also met my husband there. When we graduated, we moved to Franklin, TN where we both pursued our careers in finance. During the ten years of being in that field, we welcomed a son and a daughter. When I left the finance world in 2019, I wanted to take some time to decide on what my next career path would be. Unfortunately, Covid hit six months later which put everything on hold. Three years later and things are slowly getting back to normal, it was time to invest in myself and move forward in my career as a data analyst.