It's Been a Minute


Each week, It's Been a Minute features people in the culture who deserve your attention. Plus weekly wraps of the news with journalists in the know. Join us to make sense of the world through conversation.

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Our Editor's Take


Today, staying informed is no easy task. With an endless stream of news stories and cultural events vying for our attention, being up-to-date and on current events is real work. That's where It's Been a Minute, a weekly podcast from NPR, proves valuable.

Whether it's the flood of social media or the 24/7 news cycle, modern life can be daunting. With limited resources and a need to prioritize, allocating time can be challenging. As a result, the world moves a lot faster than most individuals.

Finding ways to filter signal from noise and find the critical elements of issues is essential. What is actually important? What separates pressing issues from avoidable distractions? It's Been a Minute does the work to answer these questions by highlighting conversations, culture, and people worth the time. The result is a potent podcast for an information-seeking audience. It's Been a Minute takes the guesswork out of the complex equation of what in culture deserves the audience's attention.

From pop-culture icons to singers to political minds, It's Been a Minute has a smorgasbord of information. It appreciates the good, confronts the difficult, and asks the hard questions. The goal is to reach new understanding through healthy conversation.

The guests are fascinating, the topics are engaging, and the podcast is compelling. It's Been a Minute shares more than information; it shares the opportunity to learn. Audiences can tune in for crucial conversations and weekly recaps with expert journalists.

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