Building Traffic with Jenn Fishkind and Tanya Harris | Mediavine On Air Episode 44

Mediavine On Air

Mar 17 2022 • 54 mins

Traffic matters. Fortunately it's not the only important metric anymore, but it's still a vital component for website success. Whether you're a Mediavine publisher wanting to increase your revenue or a content creator ready to reach the 50k sessions* and apply, today's episode of the podcast is all for you! Senior Director of Marketing Jenny Guy interviews guests Jennifer Fishkind of Princess Pinky Girl and Tanya Fleming of My Forking Life know how to grow traffic, as they share their secrets with you on how to build successfully.*Since this episode of Summer of Live, the requirements to join Mediavine have been adjusted. Helpful Resources Princess Pinky GirlMy Forking LifeGrowing Your Traffic - Summer of Live 2018Why All Traffic Doesn't Monetize The SameBehind The Numbers With Brad Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] JENNY GUY: Hey, everybody. Welcome. It is Thursday, August 29. I'm Jenny Guy, the marketing manager for Mediavine. And it is hard to believe, but another summer is almost gone. It is Labor Day weekend, which means that our second annual Summer of Live is wrapping up. Crazy, crazy, crazy. So just to remember where we've been, in June, we talked about all things Mediavine. We talked to Create, which is our most valuable WordPress plugin. A couple other things that are coming up. In July, we went beyond the blog talking book publishing, and content creation and philanthropy. And then, all through this month, we've been talking about making it rain. We're basically a broken record when it comes to diversifying your revenue stream. So we talked to video, affiliate marketing, SEO, RPM. And we are closing out this Summer of Live extravaganza with the metric that impacts all of the above metrics, traffic. As I was talking with my - before we started, we all have a love hate relationship with traffic. But I don't think any of us would deny that more of it is better. Traffic - from Instagram's swipe up feature to more lucrative campaigns with brands. Plus, for those that are out there wanting to join Mediavine, we have the traffic threshold of 25,000 sessions in the previous 30 days to work with us for full service ad management. So if we've got anyone out there looking to reach the traffic threshold, post in a comment and say, hi. But I'm got to go my two amazing guests. They know traffic. They know how to grow traffic. And real traffic, not bought traffic. And they're here to tell all their secrets-- or at least some of their secrets-- to our wonderful audience today. First, I've gotten Jennifer Fishkind. She is one of the OG's of Pinterest, where she has over a 3.5 million followers. She shares all things food, entertainment, fashion, and family on her website Princess Pinky Girl. Which, by the way, is celebrating its six year blog birthday today. Happy birthday to Princess Pinky Girl. JENNIFER HABER FISHKIND: Thank you. Thank you, Jenny. JENNY GUY: She came to be a full time blogger after 20 years in the corporate nonprofit industry. And now she blogs full time. And she - blog expertise is one-eighth of Bloggers Tell All, which is the advanced mastermind group for educational - for other influencers who aspire to financial freedom and blogging success. She lives in Michigan with her husband and three boys. Hello, Jen. Thank you for joining us. JENNIFER HABER FISHKIND: Hey, Jenny. Thanks for having me. JENNY GUY: So great to have you today. And my other guest, Tanya Harris Fleming, is a mom, wife, attorney, recipe groupie, photographer, and traffic whisperer who took the love of pressure cooker and air fryer recipes and turned them into a full time income on her part-time blog, My Forking Life. Which she began only in 2016. So for devoting 5 to 15 hours a week to her site she reads up to 500,000 page views a month. She reached the medium on threshold in April 2013, and was able to quit her job as an attorney earl...