Reach A Wider Audience with Multiplatform Videos with Meredith Marsh | Mediavine On Air Episode 47

Mediavine On Air

Apr 14 2022 • 55 mins

If you're on the fence about creating original video content, here's a question for you: How would you feel about 5x more audience reach? Yes, really! At Mediavine we constantly talk about the importance of video and it's time to get on board. On a former Summer of Live episode, Meredith Marsh from VidProMom sat down with Senior Director of Marketing Jenny Guy and talked all things video: she showed us how to take video content beyond YouTube by quickly repurposing it, how she got started integrating content within her own business, and what she'd do different if she was starting today. Make sure to listen to the episode below. You don't want to miss it! Helpful Resources VidProMomThe Video Pursuit Society CourseMeredith's YoutubeVideo Player FAQ & Best PracticesHow to Fill Out Video Details to Improve SEO and RPM Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] JENNY GUY: Hello, everybody. It is Thursday, July 9th. How did that happen? Welcome to the Mediavine Summer of Live. I'm your host, Jenny Guy. How you doing? Tax day, day two, is next Wednesday. Where are you guys at with that, all of that? Are you already filed? Are you filing an extension? Tell us in the comments, what-- if you are all set to go with your taxes, part deux. As a year, 2020 it's been a bit of a doozy. But for today's episode, we are not going to be focusing on all of the less than positive things that 2020 is known for. We are going back to a simpler time, a time before masks and quarantine hair, although my guest today's hair is impeccable, when we kicked off the second Roaring 20s in an all-new decade of video, on an echo, video, video, video. I'll do my own. Here at Mediavine, we have never made our passion for video a secret. We had the Year of Video, which led to a Decade of Video. And, on New Year's Eve, this past year, we celebrated a brand-new Decade of Video. So we are forever encouraging, pushing, pleading with Mediavine publishers to produce more original video content so they can cash in on those industry high CPMs and keep up with advertiser demand for their pre-roll. But those digital advertising dollars are not the only reason to prioritize video creation. Anyone who spends time online-- and with social distancing, that is all of us, all the time-- knows that video is everywhere, on the social media platforms, on all web sites. So create video content, right? What do you have to lose? Record scratch. Video is hard. It can be expensive. And the vast majority of us are doing it solo, without a team of filmmakers standing by to help. So how can you make video easier and, beyond creation, make sure that you're getting the most bang for your video investment buck? Enter my guest, the VidProMom herself, Meredith Marsh. She is here to teach us how to quickly reach a wider audience with multi-platform videos, and I am here for it. Let's meet her. Meredith Marsh is the creator of the Video Pursuit Society, a membership community for bloggers who want to reach a wider audience with YouTube and social videos so they could impact more people and make more money in their online business. Don't we all want all those things? On the VidProMom YouTube channel and blog, Meredith teaches video editing tutorials and camera how-tos while your thriving side-hustle podcast listeners learn about growing an audience and earning passive income as a content creator. Meredith, welcome. Thank you for joining me. MEREDITH MARSH: Thanks for having me, Jenny. JENNY GUY: It is so good to see you. Guys, if you have questions for myself or Meredith, please post them in the comments. We will get them asked. Otherwise, you know that this is kind of special because, as with all Summer of Live 2020, we've brought over our guests and topics from our canceled-due-to-COVID Baltimore conference. So we are going to be sharing the link in the comments from Meredith's slide presentatio...