Spring Cleaning Your Website with Jacob Feltner and Lauren Gray | Mediavine On Air Episode 45

Mediavine On Air

Mar 31 2022 • 53 mins

Spring is here and winter is DONE! Well, sort of. But that's not going to stop us from our favorite annual tradition: spring cleaning! Whether it's your office or your bedroom, it's important to stay organized, clean, and throw all the clutter away. As a content creator, your website is no different. On today’s episode we have Mediavine’s Sr. Support Engineer Manager Jacob Feltner and Once Coupled’s Lauren Gray. Jacob and Lauren are talking spring cleaning for your site, with everything from auditing your plugins to their favorite tools to use. This episode is packed with actionable tips so if you learn something, make sure to let us know and share what stood out to you! Helpful Resources Once CoupledOur Help Guide to Site SpeedLazy Loading AdsHow To Do A Plugin Self-Audit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewfe22cAZFA&t=109s Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] JENNY GUY: Hey everybody, welcome. It is Thursday, March 12. It is a little bit crazy in our world right now. But we are here. I am Jenny Guy. I'm the Director of Marketing for Mediavine and the host of Teal Talk. And I'm very grateful that you are joining us today. In current events, daylight savings time started for most of the US states over the weekend, which coincided with International Women's Day and resulted in more confusion and deprivation for females, perfect. And then in other news, spring starts officially one week from today, the season of rebirth, and fresh starts, and green grass. And I think that that's something we could all do with right now in our lives. I know that on everybody's minds and thoughts right now is what's going on in our world and in our country. But what I'm excited about is we can have a whole hour to just sit in our home pods and talk about our websites and not the big elephant in the room, the virus elephant in the room. I'm so excited. So as I was saying, spring, rebirth, green grass, fresh starts, which means it's time for spring cleaning, which could be your closet, your pantry, pockets of your winter coats. Unless you are me, and you love the dollar pocket lottery to happen when the next year-- you know, when you put on your coat that you haven't worn in eight months, and you stick your hand in the pocket, and you're like, $5. It's-- it gets me every time. But what we're talking about today, us being Mediavine, is your website. Have any of you guys ever done this? A deep and thorough cleansing to get rid of the things you don't need anymore that are just taking up space and weighing and slowing you down. It sounds like a great idea. But how do you make this happen? Enter my amazing guests. Lauryn Gray is the founder of Once Coupled and believes in doing everything with passion and transparency, which mostly means she sends really long emails riddled with exclamation points. Girl, same. She's worked with over 500 plus bloggers on projects from reducing above the fold white space, to taking a site from a zero-page speed optimization score to green. When she's not making your site faster and easier for you to manage, Lauren enjoys crime TV, mojitos, and long walks on the beach with her dog. Hi, Lauren. Welcome back to Teal Talk. It's been a while. LAUREN GRAY: It has been. I think we did a spring talk like this last year. JACOB FELTNER: We lost Jenny. She was the glue. She's what kept it together. LAUREN GRAY: She is. I can't even tell if we're still live. JACOB FELTNER: Yeah, I don't know. Andrew just waved at us. So-- LAUREN GRAY: OK. JACOB FELTNER: --potentially. LAUREN GRAY: So that might mean we're still here. We don't know where Jenny is. JACOB FELTNER: No. LAUREN GRAY: Jacob, should I introduce you? I've got your-- JACOB FELTNER: Dude, that'd be awesome. LAUREN GRAY: --info here. Great. Well, I'm here with Jacob Feltner. He is a Support Engineering Manager at Mediavine, as well as a husband and dog dad. He's an expert in all things Mediavine ads,